Our Top 3 Hot Summer Tips to Help Your Pets Stay Cool

Tips for Summer

Oh sweet summertime, 'tis the season for barbecues, pool-side sitting, and a LOT of sweat. Yep. It's hot and sticky out there, and we aren't the only ones who feel it. Remembering to take extra special care of your pets during this season is very important. Don't get overwhelmed though, we've put together a list of 3 quick and easy tips to keep you and your pet feeling pawfect all summer long. 


1. Water, water, everywhere!

Just like us, our pets can become dehydrated too. We should always make sure they have access to cool and clean water. This is especially true during the summer months as a mixture of bugs, pollen, and heat can affect the quality of water in bowls outside. To combat this, just refresh those bowls as often as you can. If you're looking to have a little extra fun, add a hose into the mix, and watch your pup go wild! Ours loves to chase the spray of water, getting splashed and cooled off all the while.

2. Protect the Paws  

Close your eyes and imagine jogging barefoot on a bed of hot coals. Sounds like a nightmare right? That's exactly what it feels like when your pet's paws touch hot asphalt in the summer. Ouch! This can burn their paw pads, and make walking absolutely unbearable. How do you know if it's too hot? An easy rule of thumb is: If you can't keep your hand on the pavement for at least 5 seconds without discomfort, then it's too hot for your pet. We suggest walking your pets on grass only, or at the very least, limiting walks on the asphalt to early mornings before the temperature has increased. A safe pet is a happy pet which equals a happier you! 

3. Caution with Cars

Does your pet like to ride with you wherever you go? It's hard to resist taking them with you while running errands, especially when you know it will be a quick trip to store. Unfortunately, the summer months are not the time to do this. A parked car heats up incredibly quickly. In as little as 2 minutes, your pet can begin showing signs of a heat stroke, while waiting for you to return the car. Even with windows rolled down, it's just not cool enough for your pet to be comfortable and safe. Keep them at home where they can enjoy a cool, air conditioned environment, while you pick out a fun treat for them at the store. 

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 Pets in the Summer

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