About Us

Wheel House Designs has been designing socks since 1989. Right from the start, the cow sock put us on the map as being an innovator in the novelty sock industry. We now offer over 450 design ideas. We are proudly MADE IN THE USA. See profile below.

Our cushioned socks are constructed out of soft terry loop, which protects feet and reduces the shock of impact. They are engineered to provide protection against blisters and designed to wick moisture away in order to keep feet dry. Acrylic, the most widely used fiber for athletic socks is soft, washes well and holds its shape. This style of socks are great for sneakers. They are perfect for hiking boots as well.

Most of our socks are Lightweight or Ultra Lightweight cotton. Cotton is widely preferred for softness. Nylon is used for strength and spandex is great for stretching power. The brilliant colors show detail in our designs.

Lightweight Stretch cotton is great for form fitting socks. Each pair is made with high quality soft cotton which has great stretching power wash after wash. The colorful motifs certainly make a fashion statement! This style goes with a wide variety of shoe styles, especially sandals.

We are able to stay competitive in the sock market for many reasons. We do not try to compete with overseas mills. They sell perfectly well in big box stores and department stores. Made in the USA has always been our passion and in today's world, that is a priority on many minds of our customers. We are proud of our quality and use soft cotton, vivid colors and great artwork to set us apart from the rest. We have been designing socks since 1989 and our name is well known across the country and beyond as being a leader in the sock industry.

We value staying in the specialty market for it is what we do best.

Sock Size, Style and Fiber Content Information:

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